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Published: Wednesday, September 12, 2012 at 04:48 PM.

I often disagree with his politics but completely respect his ability to function well in any environment. It’s a gift and his party obviously thinks likewise. Clinton competency can’t be passed on, which is unfortunate for President Obama and, by extension, us.

Our debt just passed $16 trillion which was an "unmentionable" at the convention. In a weird sense I guess we should be thankful it isn’t higher. There’s no telling what the number would have been had the 2010 election not closed President Obama’s checkbook.

But the trajectory is pretty clear to all but the mathematically challenged. If this president has four more years, we very well could be dug into a hole from which there’s no escape.

As long as interest rates are at the present low, we can sustain. However, when they cycle to past rate averages, that debt mountain will simply eat our economy like mortgage interest eats your entire house payment.

Now the big dance is less than two months away. As a conservative, I know I’m in trouble. It isn’t good enough to barely defeat Obama. Contrary to conventional poll wisdoms, I’m hoping for a blowout. It must be a ringing rejection of an insatiable Jabba the Hutt government.

We’ll hope and we’ll see. I congratulate the Democrats on a successful convention and am looking so forward to return of regularly scheduled programming.

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