Obama touting his 'magic elixir' again

Published: Wednesday, January 22, 2014 at 04:40 PM.

From Obamacare to employment numbers and economic growth, the country’s sluggish and isn’t going to get much better while the magic elixir of “free stuff to all” is being used in place of real world logic. Liberals hate free market choices.

Locally, there’s a battle with the Onslow County Board of Education regarding vouchers. The suits know if they allow the free market (parents) to make choices about where and how their kids are educated, ineffective schools will go away. Of course, they know it means some bureaucrats and union members will also disappear. Oh my.

For reasons that escape me, liberals think we should all toe governmental lines about what we eat, what we earn, what’s taught in schools and even what we think to the extent they can peek between our ears.

It’s Orwellian spiced with hate. Even a nothing column like this one incites a few to foam at the mouth that I would dare to castigate and revile “their” president.

Until he’s gone, we’ll have to watch Obama aerosol his “Marx Magic Elixir” wonder product everywhere he can. I’ll bet it’s good at removing spots from anybody — five spots, ten spots, change, no job too small.

I know for a fact it makes an excellent repellant. Look what a good job it did keeping Kay Hagan away.

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