O'Reilly delivers with new book on Kennedy

Published: Wednesday, October 31, 2012 at 02:40 PM.

I never figured this column a vehicle onto the book review road, but I’ve rolled that way lately. A few months ago I raved about Bill O’Reilly’s "Killing Lincoln." It doubled as great history and great entertainment.

On the heels of that excellent work, "No Easy Day" hit the market. Given its pre-publication hype, I’d put in my advance order to avoid the possibility of government hindering its publication. That didn’t happen and my copy bounced off the UPS truck on the release date.

It was written by a Seal Team 6 member who participated in the Bin Laden kill. It was riveting. The author’s narrative style was bare-boned and efficient as would be expected compiled through military eyes.

The book’s overriding message was there are giants in our military watching out for little old me. The book reeked of a competence and dedication for which I’m thankful and truly awed.

Last week, I saw a blurb that the Hollywood version of that operation has been tweaked for release right before the election. The movie’s central star in the Bin Laden takedown is President Obama supported by a cast of thousands, among them Seal Team 6. Go figure.

I wonder if they’ve turned a nail-biter of a story into a political thumb-sucker. Perhaps they should’ve remade "Gone with the Wind" and have Rhett Butler end it with, "Frankly my dear, I’m voting for Barack Obama."

Returning to the library, O’Reilly’s "Lincoln" winner is now followed by another gem of the same caliber. I just finished "Killing Kennedy," and Bill has written another solid gold book.

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