No reason to kill over movie trailer

Published: Wednesday, September 19, 2012 at 03:10 PM.

Death, rioting, and destruction are not laughing matters. The death of the American ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, and three other consulate personnel in Benghazi and the destruction of the U.S. consulate there last week are tragedies to our nation, to diplomacy and peace, to Libya’s progress, and to those who knew and loved Stevens, Sean Smith, Glenn Doherty, and Tyrone Woods.

So the reaction by Muslims worldwide to the trailer of the once unknown film “Innocence of Muslims” — being blamed for much of the most recent Muslim rioting and those deaths — is no laughing matter.

While initially blaming the film, an investigation into the murder of Stevens and his coworkers may actually find the film trailer nothing but a convenient excuse for an act of terrorism by extremists.

But if not a laughing matter, what does the rioting by tens of thousand of Muslims worldwide over this film trailer represent?

Utter, incomprehensible ridiculousness is what it represents.

Why? I watched the film trailer for “Innocence of Muslims” that has engendered so much anger, rioting and protests among Muslims this past weekend. It is clearly one of the most amateurish and ridiculously stupid trailers I have every seen. I would no more pay good money (or bad money for that matter) to see this film than the man in the moon. No educated person would.

The trailer is so bad that it begs the question of why actors and actresses would embarrass themselves by being associated with this film. The acting is bad. The message makes no sense and is clearly a political one that must be taken with a large grain of salt. The actors and actresses were obviously starving to agree to “star” (I use this word loosely) in this film.

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