No doggone protection from vicious cat

Published: Wednesday, March 19, 2014 at 03:34 PM.

I don’t mean to come across as dogmatic, but this story is far more about a family mutt lacking the ability to run with the big dogs than it is about “Lux the ferocious feline.” “When the peeved pet cat began charging at its owners, the family and their dog hid in a bedroom where they called 911, according to KPTV. ‘He’s got kind of a history of violence,’ the caller said, adding that the cat continued to charge whenever the family tried to open the bedroom door.

“When officers arrived on the scene, the cat ‘attempted to flee custody by running into the kitchen. Police used a dog snare to trap Lux in a crate.”

According to KPTV, “As of last week the Portland family is still deciding whether to keep Lux, who has been acting normal since the incident.”

“Normal” (for a cat) was not defined.

But clearly Lux is the tail wagging the dog for this family.

The owners of Lux must have not have taught their unnamed dog — we’ll call him “FiFi” — to speak. Nonetheless, too embarrassed to comment even if he could speak, FiFi has apparently learned that failing to show Lux from the get-go who was top dog in this family relegated him to being little more than a pound puppy. FiFi now knows that if you lie down with dogs you arise with fleas.

Even if FiFi’s bark was worse than his bite, he could have worked like a dog and kept Lux at bay. Instead he failed caninehood everywhere for cowering in the bedroom with his owners instead of being the leader of the pack.

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