Membership does have its privileges

Published: Wednesday, April 9, 2014 at 06:24 PM.

I’ve never considered myself much of a group joiner. But when I started thinking about the subject, I surprised myself with how many I’ve hooked up with. Could I be a closet groupie?

Way back I was a Cub Scout, transitioning into Boy Scouts and eventually into Explorers. What great resources those organizations were to young folks. Hopefully, they’re still thriving.

At UNC-Chapel Hill, I pledged a fraternity, because it appeared to be the “thing” to do. On campus I became a member of the chess club, not for the game but because there were so many girls in the group.

As a young adult, I joined the Junior Chamber of Commerce, which evolved into the Jaycees. Again I figured it was the “thing” to do.

It was my first and only venture into any sort of civic service. One very important constitutional element of their creed has always stuck with me: “Government should be of laws rather than of men.”

I joined Mensa just because I could. Later in life I joined the AARP for strictly practical reasons. I dislike their politics, but their insurance supplement plans are great. I was willing to dance with the devil for great coverage.

A year or so ago I joined the NRA because liberals didn’t like the organization. Some of Obama’s mouthpieces sold me on the idea. I was happy to pony up the $25 annual dues as a thorn in their side.

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