Looking forward to 2016 and Obama's departure

Published: Wednesday, June 25, 2014 at 04:24 PM.

A few nights ago I saw part of Hillary Clinton’s interview on Fox News. It would appear we’re in for a “they’re baaaack!” ride to the 2016 election.

Actually, my opinion of the Clintons in general and Bill in particular has softened over the years. When he was president, I couldn’t imagine how we could allow a cheater and liar to hold that office for eight years.

Now cast in the light of the presidential swill flowing out of Washington, William Jefferson looks pretty darn good. In spite of the fact I can’t imagine myself voting for a Democrat for anything, I find comfort that any 2016 election result will be a massive improvement over what we now have.

I can’t think of anybody who won’t be well-served by Obama’s departure. But notwithstanding, every result will be cause for some celebration; I’m not looking forward to Clinton redux in any gender.

And to be fair, I harbor similar feelings about Jeb Bush. Over the years, I heard many times that Jeb was the best and brightest bud on that family’s tree, but Bush redux isn’t much more palatable than the Hillary thing.

Surely there’re viable alternatives from both parties. However, I can’t pretend to know anything about rising-star Democrats as I consider that party in its present incarnation to be an enemy of the country.

As to Republican offerings, they’re running a risk trying to reconstitute past candidates who somewhat tarnished their luster in the last cycle. I’m a Texan but would prefer Rick Perry to sit this one out.

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