Letter: Sequestration is no way to run a government

Published: Thursday, February 21, 2013 at 02:24 PM.

The Secretary of Defense has made it clear that sequestration not solved will be a blow to the Defense Department. The 800,000 civil service employees would take a one day per pay period furlough from April or sooner until September. This cut in my view will hurt the economy for every civil service employee. The average total wage loss to the 800,000 civil service employees is $4,000.

Rather than shelving the executive order signed by Obama in December 2012 for a $900 pay raise to members of Congress and 0.5 percent pay raise to civil service employees, judicial branch, SES Employees, State Department, and VA, this executive order needs to be reversed for some savings on the sequestration nightmare.

Because of the non-action by the 535 members of Congress on taxes and spending cuts, we are at a crossroads. With no action in Congress, this blow to the Defense Department will go deep and wide. From shipyards in Virginia to military hospital’s treating active-duty members, this is no way to run our government.

We the people who have some common sense can see that the do-nothing Congress will just throw up its hands and let sequestration continue.

Rather than getting their act together on tax reform which consumption would work and the bad word of tax increases, we can come up with a solution that can fund the government for essential services. Just take North Carolina for example. The revenue loss for civil service employees will be large, especially in eastern N.C. Bases in Goldsboro, Jacksonville and Cherry Point civil service employees will have less income, in which spending will be curtailed.

I understand there has to be some sacrifice for the better good of our government. However, there is a president who would rather sign an executive order for pay raises than shelve the idea and put all of the savings in one basket and really cut, cut, cut spending in areas of duplication and inefficiencies.

Edwin Vargas, New Bern 

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