Letter: a few answers in response to school shooting

Published: Wednesday, December 26, 2012 at 05:13 PM.

Why do the teachers need to be told of a lockdown? They are trained adults. If they hear a noise that is violent, or even the door alarms, go into lockdown for their class, secure the children while locking the door and then check with the office. If they err on the side of precaution, so what. Why do they need the office to sound the alarm first? Train the staff and empower them, and a different alarm should be used for fire danger.

Place two deadbolt locks on each door in addition to the door locks, not too high so the children can open them if needed or if scared. Make the glass in the doors small and re-enforced.

Place kickout panels in some of the windows to be used as an escape of last resort. Teachers will know when to use them. Designate an assembly area, unlike a fire drill, away from the school (a tough concept). Multiple targets running from the area are hard targets to hit, as opposed to confined in a classroom. I love some of our schools with the outside doors.

If the extra door alarms are activated, notify police. They might just be going to a false alarm, or in route observe the offenders leaving the scene. No harm.

Continue to hold fire drills. They are the greatest defense there is. However, hold aggressor drills (I think for drills, terror is just a little much). Let the children know what is expected of them and what their responsibilities are as students. Even give them some empowerment over the other students to re-enforce what they know, sort of a little bit of peer pressure to keep them in line.

Hold not just one or two drills a year, but hold one a month to re-enforce and update what they have been taught. Hold impromptu conversations or quizzes about what to do.

There are many important entities that need activating. The most important however is time. Slow down the perpetrators and activate the defenses. Let’s face it, these people are bent on getting in and they want to hurt and will hurt people.

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