Letter: a few answers in response to school shooting

Published: Wednesday, December 26, 2012 at 05:13 PM.

It has been a week since the cowardly murders at Newtown, Conn. I stood back and watched to see where the hysteria is going to take us. As I expected, it was to arm everyone in the classrooms and other staff. That is ludicrous (and I’m a gun advocate).

The staff of Sandy Hook did all the right things (did you notice that Sandy and Sandy Hook is not a good name for the Northeast). They made sure that their charges were safe. They took as many precautions and then some to protect these children. They kept the children calm, focused, and assured. In the end, some of the staff gave their lives, wow! (Mr. President, where is the Medal of Valor for them and the Medal of Merit for the rest). I don’t think there is anyone that could enhance these actions, they could do no more.

A few good words for the school districts, they took all the precautions they could with the information they had to date. By the way, this includes the local districts. I did some checking, not testing. I don’t feel like going to jail or causing alarm.

So what can we do?

First, let’s make it clear what is needed is time — time to secure children and staff, time to notify police and any first responders, time for staff to check everything out, time to mobilize the world, if needed, to come to their aid.

We should start with the entry. Let’s get rid of the glass and replace it with resistant plastic (the degree is up to the district) and keep the doors locked. Any person coming will be on tape and told to I.D. themselves and open any coats, then buzzed in. All doors are to be taped. The staff office will be at the front door, not down the hall. At the office, there will be a second set of doors. After checking in with the staff, they can be buzzed in further. (I know they are doing most of that but I have to start some place.)

All other doors should also be plastic and entry resistant. They should also have panic alarms on them. When they go off, the staff goes into protection mode. If the alarm is set off maliciously, the punishment should be certain and severe. How are we going to know who did it? Have a luminous under black light powder or paint coating on it. The key is to slow the entry and alert the staff.

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