Let's all get a medium order of french fries

Published: Wednesday, November 14, 2012 at 02:03 PM.

Eventually, by ordering the small order over and over again, we can save enough money so that everyone can now order the medium order of french fries.

Republicans don’t want taxes raised, and Democrats don’t want to see programs cut. The solution is the medium order of fries. Republicans should agree to a smaller increase in taxes on the wealthiest of Americans than what the president is proposing. To compromise, the president must agree to spending cuts. It seems so simple.

The problem is that no Republican wants to say they would agree to any sort of tax increase, and no Democrat wants to say they would agree to a program cut. The political parties seem to be controlling the individual party members. It should be the other way around.

Republicans need to understand that even the great Ronald Reagan raised taxes. Democrats need to understand that free rides are antiquated thinking.

After all, a medium order of french fries is better than no fries at all, which is where we’re headed if we continue on our current path.

Ken Buday is the editor and general manager of the Havelock News. He can be reached at 444-1999 or at ken.buday@havenews.com. 

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