Let's all get a medium order of french fries

Published: Wednesday, November 14, 2012 at 02:03 PM.

Those in the Havelock area may face a double whammy. Not only could we see our income taxes increase, we could see valuable jobs at Cherry Point, as well as the valuable contract jobs of private companies off base, simply disappear.

I had the opportunity to talk to U.S. Rep. Walter Jones, the re-elected Congressman who represents this area, on Election Night. I specifically asked him about sequestration or the "fiscal cliff." He told me he expected that a compromise would be reached to delay it for six months.

In other words, Congress and the president will simply kick this can down the road. They haven’t been able to work together for two years. I don’t know why we the people should expect them to work together to solve this problem over the next six months.

To me, it seems like a relatively simply solution. Then again, I’m not in Washington, where nothing is ever simple.

Allow me to illustrate using something with which I am familiar — french fries. I know. It’s hard to imagine a guy like me equating this country’s financial problems to food, but stay with me.

If we could, we would always like to get the large order of french fries. After all, they’re french fries. Who wouldn’t want the large order?

What this country needs to do is start ordering the small order of french fries. By doing this, we save in money the difference between the large order of french fries and the small order of french fries.

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