Kids should be allowed to be kids

Published: Wednesday, December 18, 2013 at 04:24 PM.

I re-watch “A Christmas Story” season after season. Besides simply being a good movie, it rekindles wonderful emotions in us older adults. It forcefully pushes Southern male buttons.

In fact, some years ago after watching the movie for the umpteenth time I decided I wanted another Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas. My wife Ann kindly filled the wish.

Although I knew she’d ordered it, I dutifully waited until Christmas morning to unwrap it and go outside to shoot. Plinking with the gun wasn’t a big deal but hearing the BBs rattle back and forth inside the magazine was absolutely delicious.

Some things bore so deeply into psyche they almost become genetic. The sound of BBs cascading inside a Daisy is one of them that hasn’t changed one iota in 60 years.

I shot a million BBs during my adolescence. I “hunted” away entire summers from can-see to can’t-see, sunrise to sunset.

To my discredit, I killed thousands of birds, which now offends my adult human sensibilities. But back then I was more of a predator and less of a thinker and danced to inner reptilian drums.

But that’s neither here nor there in the natural scheme of things. I lived as a normal Southern boy and one of my more precious tools on that journey was my trusty BB gun.

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