I'm no sore loser, but election results are sad

Published: Wednesday, November 14, 2012 at 01:57 PM.

There’s nothing to do about it, but I’m hopeful on one level: I have to believe in the existence of immutable economic forces rooted in mathematics that ultimately prevail. We may temporarily short-circuit logic and dance around consequences, but eventually options disappear.

You’ve heard about the "Greece" financial thing. Certainly we’re not Greece, but common symptoms are inescapable. From the standard European socialism template, we’re embracing and promoting the unsustainable, sacrificing sound fiscal tenants for instant gratifications.

It sounds good and certainly feels good to many voters, but when the music stops, non-optional emergency steps pick up the rhythm. Governments roll out "severe austerity measures."

The term sounds non-threatening, but those hooked on free-stuff suffer cold-turkey withdrawals. In my view our government has turned into a pusher and promoter of dependency that will surely continue, even accelerate.

In retrospect, I find amusement in the thought that neither liberals nor conservatives are without a huge stake in the country’s fiscal health. The same well serves all of us.

The American golden goose has laid wonderfully valuable treasures for over two centuries, but if enough people pile into the nest, it’ll croak and there goes the eggs along with the freedom tree it lived in.

I’m surely wrong about some things but can’t figure out where I went astray. It doesn’t matter now. This election is history, and I love our system so am not going to dwell on its mysteries.

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