I didn't 'need' to hear the State of the Union

Published: Thursday, February 21, 2013 at 02:23 PM.

I couldn’t watch the State of the Union address uninterrupted. I felt duty-bound to give it attention but listening to Barack Obama’s political sermons is like swimming underwater. Every now and then I had to surface on another channel to grab a few breaths of reality before diving back into his rabbit hole.

It got easier to listen by imagining his speech as a eulogy for the nation. Of course everything he said wasn’t Kevorkian in nature, but he was definitely promoting poison pills.

One capsule involves raising the minimum wage. As these liberal spasms always do, it’d hurt businesses, increase unemployment and decrease the number of entry-level jobs.

That won’t happen, but liberal politicians often throw this Pavlov red herring to their base just to make them drool. It’s smoke-and-mirror theatrics.

A more serious pill he’s pushing tinkers with the constitution by presidential edict. Obama’s decided to do something about gun violence by restricting those who are obeying the law, which makes perfect liberal sense.

If that crowd really wanted to reduce shootings, there’re simple ways to do it that doesn’t impact law-abiding citizens. "Stop and frisk" initiatives in New York worked wonders and could do the same for Chicago.

In short order, street gangs would be significantly disarmed, but that’s way too simple and effective and doesn’t produce any usable political hay. Also it isn’t the "Chicago way." You remember the Chick-Fil-A war, fought because somebody dared to have a traditional view of marriage.

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