For me, 2013 was an excellent year

Published: Thursday, January 9, 2014 at 12:15 AM.

America didn’t do all that well but the country’s time will return. We probably have another 1,000 days of sluggish growth and stifling government to slog through but this too will pass.

Thankfully, Obama and his ilk have been checkmated from doing too much more damage. He’s used up all of his smoke and mirrors, which clothed his whole administration. This Emperor stands exposed before Americans as a lying incompetent. Period.

It’s appropriate at the first of every year to make resolutions for the purpose of realigning one’s trajectory into a New Year. Over time I’ve learned to make public promises that are non-specific, hence attainable.

For example, I won’t pledge to lose a given number of pounds or walk a certain number of miles every week. In keeping with this fuzzy commitment strategy, I’ve set forth doable goals for 2014.

Regarding exercise, I’ll use our treadmill every day but you’ll have to be quick to catch each session. That means even if I walk for only five minutes, it counts, which constitutes an elegant fuzziness since the qualifier “every day” isn’t specific as far as elapsed time.

I vow to become more charitable. I’ll set aside my cynicism regarding flashy charities with their gauntlets of administrative costs in favor of dollar for dollar benefits to those who need. It’s not a long trip from Sam’s to the soup kitchen. We’ll drive it more often.

I could also resolve to enjoy every single day, but I already do that anyway so it wouldn’t count. Happy 2014!

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