Fallout from the Zimmerman trial

Published: Wednesday, July 24, 2013 at 04:02 PM.

Zimmerman was about all there was out of news outlets these past few weeks. I didn’t follow play-by-play trial recaps, figuring to learn all about it when the verdict came down.

I wasn’t disinterested in the events surrounding the trial because a boy died, which spreads a pall over all else. Death of any child is never a good thing (or shouldn’t be) and worthy of remorse.

But when Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson showed up, my interest in the trial abruptly ended. I know the name of the song they sing, and therefore, knew they’d muck up as much racial unrest as possible. That’s what they do; it’s their business.

With these two, absolutely everything is about race. Without racial strife, they’d both starve. I understand vultures have to eat too, but I don’t enjoy watching them feed. Click.

People of every ilk would’ve chosen a "do-over" of that night if they could, but investing in wishes leaves an empty hand. I’m sure everybody is familiar with the biological exercise supporting that postulate.

According to some legal sources, Zimmerman was "over-charged." Solid evidence never existed for murder and local law enforcement folks knew it.

Weeks after the shooting, enough political pressure was brought to bear to have Zimmerman arrested. There was no grand jury indictment because prosecutors knew they couldn’t successfully make a case. So — in this new normal — politics trumped law.

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