Editorial: Interchange plans fail residents

Published: Monday, April 8, 2013 at 02:57 PM.

It’s worst for residents of Hickman Hills. For them to head east on U.S. 70 toward Havelock — currently a simple right turn onto the highway — they would have to wait on the signal to change, make a left turn, go west on the highway a few hundred yards, and then make a U-turn to head back east at a new crossing to be constructed.

Residents heading east on U.S. 70 wishing to turn left into Tucker Creek won’t be able to do so at the traffic signal as they can currently. Instead, they will have to drive past the entrance to their neighborhood and make a U-turn at a new crossing that is to be constructed a few hundred yards down the highway.

Hickman Hills residents would have to do the same thing to enter their neighborhood from the opposite side of the highway.

We have questioned DOT on its designs and spending in the past, but this proposal goes beyond anything that makes sense.

The Tucker Creek traffic signal is not a problem for residents and never has been. It allows free movement of traffic safely in all directions.

Instead, DOT wants to make local residents drive out of what is a normal traffic pattern and force them to make left turns and U-turns into speeding traffic along U.S. 70. Not to mention they will have to go out of their ways to access their own neighborhoods.

Meanwhile, MacDonald Downs residents would no longer have direct access to U.S. 70 but would have to use a new road that is to be built that links with Tucker Creek.

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