Editorial: Divorce bill would expand government's role

Published: Wednesday, April 17, 2013 at 04:51 PM.

Who is to say how long a couple should have to wait to divorce? Why is it any of the government’s business? Imagine what this means in situations where one spouse has been victimized, by infidelity or even abuse. Do we really want a woman, for example, to have to wait two years for a divorce from a man who has been abusing her? What about a husband being forced to spend a humiliating two years waiting to get out of a marriage when his wife has already moved in with another man?

And the odd deletion of the clause on marital relations is cause for further concern.

Make no mistake – this bill is all about big government. Republicans apparently are all for freedom when it comes to your wallet, but when it comes to you most intimate personal relationships, freedom takes a vacation and it’s Dr. Phil time.

Here is our remedy:

The Healthy Legislators Act

All legislators contemplating liberty-diminishing bills (such as SB 518) must first submit the bill to a two-year waiting period.

Then, they must attend mandatory courses on "improving bill-writing skills" and "conflict resolution without harming liberty."

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