Editorial: Board makes right call on animal shelter

Published: Wednesday, March 6, 2013 at 05:15 PM.

Everyone who owns a home has gone through it. Some sort of repair is needed.

The process is pretty typical. Most likely, you go get estimates for the work and then determine the best price and value to get the job done.

Havelock, in a way, is faced with that same situation. The animal shelter needs work. Specifically, it needs to be expanded to allow for the increasing numbers of animals that animal control takes in.

So, the city did what any homeowner would do. It figured out how much it wanted to spend on the project and then went out to get estimates.

(Granted, that’s a simplistic view because of the legal issues of the bidding process the city is required to do, but essentially, it’s the same.)

The city had planned $42,600 for the project, but when it received the estimates (bids) for the work, those were significantly more than the amount of money the city had available.

The lowest bid came in at $66,460, while the highest came in at about $103,000.

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