Editorial: A flood of images and memories

Published: Wednesday, November 20, 2013 at 04:00 PM.

Television networks broke into programming with live bulletins of the killing of Kennedy. The networks continued with live coverage throughout the aftermath of the assassination, even capturing the moment when the alleged killer, Lee Harvey Oswald, was shot by Jack Ruby.

Photographs captured the assassination and its aftermath, showing the emotions of people who witnessed the shooting, and newspapers were quick to print multiple photos and special editions carrying the news of the day.

And of course, the Zapruder film captured the exact moment when President John F. Kennedy lost his life to an assassin’s bullet.

Life magazine published each frame as still photographs, all but frame 313, which showed the moment the fatal bullet struck Kennedy’s head. Most never saw the actual film until a decade after the assassination.

The memories may fade, and those who played a role in the events of that day eventually will no longer be able to tell their stories. What are left are the photographs and the films to remind us of a horrible time in our nation’s history, the images not of when America lost its innocence but of when America lost its president.

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