Duck's quack is getting louder

Published: Wednesday, April 16, 2014 at 05:21 PM.

So lack of religion is the smoke. What’s the fire? Does correlation imply causation in this case? Pornography, child molestation, violence against women, crudeness and lack of politeness, drug use and addiction, declining American power. Mere coincidence?

I know it’s simple. But crudeness is rife in our 2014 culture. It didn’t used to be. Even major newspapers like the New York Times are questioning their prohibition against using curse words in print. An op-ed published in the Times by Jesse Sheidlowermarch advocating for curse words recently opined, “Our society’s comfort level with offensive language and content has drastically shifted over the past few decades, but the stance of our news media has barely changed at all. Even when certain words are necessary to the understanding of a story, the media frequently resort to euphemisms or coy acrobatics that make stories read as if they were time capsules written decades ago, forcing us all into wink-wink-nudge-nudge territory.” His op-ed included the caption, “A four letter word that rhymes with duck.”

More “comfortable” with offensive language? HELLO! IT IS O-FFEN-SIVE!

In this case, if it sounds like a duck, it must be duck. Less religion equals less culture. And it also means more pornography, more child molestation, more violence against women (or violence in general), more crudeness and lack of politeness, more drug use, and less American power. So yes, given my more than several trips around the block, I correlate lack of religion to many of the ills our society is facing. Do I know of all the studies backing up my belief? No.

Please pardon my dismissing, in this case, the science of correlation not necessarily equaling causation. I could be wrong but I don’t think so.

When there was more religion — when more folks believed there was something, someone, out there bigger than them to whom they were accountable — there were fewer of many of our societal ills. Now, though, we’ve lost sight of the duck. And the fire.

But the quacking I’m hearing — the waddling and feathers I’m seeing — sound and look awfully like a duck. I pray we can find and turn that quacker around. Before the fire consumes us.

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