Bureaucrats get in the way of common sense

Published: Wednesday, December 11, 2013 at 04:09 PM.

When we become slaves to policy, most vestiges of leadership are lost. We become the worst kind of bureaucrat, chained to inane rules for which no exceptions may be applied.

This is what has happened with the zero tolerance policies at schools regarding “weapons,” or as the word “weapon” has been defined and applied by these worst kind of bureaucrats in school boards, and among school administrators and teachers, and law enforcement personnel across the country.

Butter knives mistakenly included with school lunches have come to be defined as weapons. Go figure.

Florida is home to its share, I’m sure, of reasonable people. So I’m not sure where they’ve all gone off too because Florida has been one of the most egregious in enacting, enforcing and accepting zero tolerance (read “zero leadership”) policies in their schools.

The most ridiculously stupid example of this happened in October in Osceloa County’s St. Cloud. St. Cloud is aptly located not too far from Orlando’s fantasy theme parks. Leadership, too, apparently is a fantasy in Osceloa County schools.

An 8-year-old boy there was suspended from school for a day for fashioning his hand like a gun and pointing his finger at a playmate during a game of cops and robbers. His finger was apparently unloaded, though, because the boy reportedly didn’t say, “bang.” The lack of a smoking finger did not lessen, however, his offense and resulting punishment from the bureaucrats.

President Calvin Coolidge reminded us in his often used quote on persistence that, “… the world is full of educated derelicts.” So to be fair, Florida is not the only state burdened by educated but derelict educational bureaucrats.

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