Bank's protectiveness pays off

Published: Wednesday, April 30, 2014 at 05:39 PM.

At the end of each tax season, my attention swings toward vacations. Our first trip this year is a month and a hook away. Smile.

So imagine my surprise when I learned my credit card had jumped ship and traveled to Virginia. I’ve heard never to leave home without it but didn’t think it’d leave home without me.

The revelation came by way of a cryptic telephone message from my bank. I returned the call, which concerned “unusual account activity.”

A very nice banker first confirmed I was who I said I was and then told me my credit card had just spent $444 on stuff from a Staples store in Virginia. He asked if I’d authorized the purchase.

Of course I hadn’t, so he very kindly took steps to fix the problem. Immediately they voided that card number and issued me a replacement. He assured me the Staples purchase amount would be returned to my account.

While he was at it, he also voided a smaller ticket charged shortly after the big one. Apparently the thief worked up an appetite carrying his Staples booty from the store so swung into a McDonald’s for a McThief special.

I thanked him and his company profusely for intercepting this transaction with such speed and efficiency. I would’ve eventually caught this holdup myself and contacted the bank to negate the transactions, but that would’ve been a hassle for me.

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