Appreciating a job well done

Published: Wednesday, April 2, 2014 at 04:48 PM.

Well, this column’s focus is Francisco Ruiz. I’ve know “Fran” for a bunch of years, and during that time he’s done projects for me big and small and done them all extremely well.

Of course I called him for this door thing. He looked it over and gave us an estimate. I agreed and asked him to do it at his earliest convenience.

Skip Waters finally gave us a weather window so he and his crew got to work on the new door and casing. Before they got there, Ann had asked me another of those little rhetorical questions wives are famous for.

“Do you think we should have him put in some storeroom shelves while his people are here?” Oh yeah. Was there ever any doubt?

Later that day after the job was completed Ann was happy, happy, happy about her new door and shelving. And just as important, the area in and around the storage room was absolutely void of residue from the project.

Francisco has always given efficient quality work, but his crew’s most unique trait is cleanliness. Whatever job they do, they leave no trash behind.

Even when they replaced my roof, the yard ended up cleaned of all shingle fragments and nails. I don’t intend this to be an infomercial about my construction guy, but I appreciate the work he does and how he does it and could think of no better place to mention it than on this page.

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