Always bet on turning someday into today

Published: Wednesday, October 30, 2013 at 04:10 PM.

Poker as a sport is so wonderful because it mixes skill and luck like no other contest. It’s possible for rank amateurs to compete successfully against professionals.

I’ve read poker books but never got much out of them. I don’t pretend to be a good player so take shelter under the roof of common sense.

In the final analysis, I see poker simply as a card game. In most situations, high cards beat low cards and strong hands are better than weak ones.

It sounds stupidly simple but given the poker gods’ impact on results, you can get carried away with technicalities at the expense of logic. Strong doesn’t always triumph and weak isn’t always vanquished, hence there’s room for people like me at any poker table.

I don’t take the game serious enough to worry about nuances such as “tells.” I’m not sharp enough to note an opponent’s strengths or weaknesses by how much their pupils dilate or pulse throbs in an exposed vein. If somebody looks at their cards and screams, then I pay attention.

I simply try to play poker with some common sense and a lot of patience. I avoid playing out of position. I seldom call if I can’t raise and I run from naked aces like the plague.

Given the pure democracy of this most famous of poker tournaments, I suggest anybody thinking they’re not good enough look in the mirror. The reflection looking back is the core of WSOP tournaments.

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