A drive down Catfish Lake Road

Published: Wednesday, January 22, 2014 at 04:43 PM.

I was doing about 40 mph, the view of water-filled potholes coming into view.

I slowed my Ford Ranger pickup, trying to find the best path to navigate through the bumpy minefield. In a second or two, I was past it, accelerating again toward 40 mph.

Such was my drive Saturday on Catfish Lake Road. Yes, that Catfish Lake Road, the site earlier this month of the deaths of two Camp Lejeune Marines in a car crash.

Skyler D. Way and Nicholas S. Buscarnera were both only 19 years old. Their car left the dirt and gravel road and flipped into the roadside canal. Both drowned before they could escape the car.

I eventually came to the spot on the road where the two young men had lost their lives, the location marked by a simple white cross. I stopped my truck and got out, examining the area.

The road didn’t look particularly rough in the area of the crash, but no one will ever know what really happened.

All it takes is one pothole to throw a car off line. The driver jerks the wheel back in an attempt to get the car straight and under control but instead overcorrects, sending the car sliding through the gravel and dirt. Once sideways, there’s nothing to stop it, except for that canal or maybe a tree. Neither scenario is good.

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