Clams, hermit crabs, and oyster bars -- oh my! There were no sharks, but there were a ton of laughs as we set off along the sound of Cedar Point. Osprey birds circled over head, mullet fish jumped, and blue crabs clung to crab pots. We learned much about the bountiful eco-system of the salt water marsh. No one tipped their kayaks despite comically trying (against my wishes, of course). And I even surprised myself a time or two with my own physical ability -- paddling in a kayak just may be my new favorite sport. 

"You did it, mom!" I heard a time or two. 

Above all, as a family we learned that compromising doesn't have to involve sacrificing. 

On the way back inland, we even spotted a small rainbow. It seemed as though it was joining two fluffy clouds together. 

"Look! It's rainbow bridge!" shouted Titan. 

In that moment, a certain fulfilling peace swept over us. It was something that we all knew was greater than ourselves, and we experienced it together. Thursday was truly a blessed day. Something we will all remember for years down the road. Onward to our next family adventure (and for some yummy chicken and waffles)!