Trash sticker prices in Craven County will increase from $2.25 per sticker to $3 per sticker effective July 1. This is the first trash sticker price increase for Craven County since 2006.

The price increase was approved by the Craven County Board of Commissioners with the adoption of their Fiscal Year 2017 – 2018 budget to cover the increased costs incurred by the contract trash hauler fees.

The $3 red colored trash stickers will go on sale at retail outlets beginning July 1 although residents may continue to use their $2.25 orange colored stickers until July 31.

The $3 red colored stickers will be required for curbside trash collection or to drop off trash to Craven County’s Convenience Sites beginning Aug. 1. Individuals with a supply of $2.25 orange stickers may exchange them for the $3 red colored stickers by paying the value difference at Craven County Solid Waste up until Dec. 29, 2017. Trash stickers cannot be exchanged at retail outlets. Craven County Solid Waste is located on the second floor of the Craven County Administration Building located at 406 Craven Street in New Bern. No refunds of $2.25 orange trash stickers will be provided.

Craven County offers a volume-based pay as you throw solid waste management program so citizens only pay for the volume of trash they throw out. Trash sticker guidelines require one sticker for each trash bag/container up to 33 gallons and not more than 50 pounds, two stickers for each trash bag/container between 34 to 64 gallons and not more than 100 pounds, and three stickers for trash bags/containers between 65 to 90 gallons and not more than 150 pounds. Craven County’s pay as you throw solid waste management program covers all unincorporated areas of Craven County plus Trent Woods, River Bend, and Cove City. New Bern, Havelock, Bridgeton and Dover provide their own separate solid waste management programs and will not be affected by Craven County’s trash sticker price increase.

To reduce trash volume and associated costs, Craven County offers countywide curbside recycling pickup in all areas of Craven County with the exception of the Town of Bridgeton, which provides its own recycling program. Craven County’s recycling program accepts aluminum cans, newspapers with inserts, clear/green/brown glass, #1 PETE clear plastic, #2 HDPE natural plastic, rigid plastic bottles with the neck smaller than the body of the container (except motor oil and pesticide containers), corrugated cardboard cut down to no larger than 2-feet by 3-feet and steel/tin cans.

Recyclables are collected curbside from 18 gallon green recycling bins or other comparable containers easily identifiable as containing recycling materials. Recycling bins can be requested by calling Craven County Solid Waste at 252-636-6659. Residents can also bring mixed recyclables to the Convenience Sites.

Craven County offers a host of trash and recycling programs including electronics recycling, paint exchange and scrap metal recycling. For additional information on Craven County’s trash and recycling services please contact Craven County Solid Waste and Recycling at 252-636-6659 or visit