In regards to Annette Jordan’s article about the jail being overcrowded:

I’m supposed to feel sorry for prisoners sleeping on the floor, on the ground, which they do not. They have mattresses for them to sleep on. I’m supposed to feel sorry for them because they chose a life of crime and then they end up paying some of the time back being in jail, wasting my hard-earned tax dollars to expand. As far as the officers, if they don’t like their jobs, quit.

All they do is gripe, gripe, gripe, gripe, gripe, “expand the jail,” waste more taxpayers’ money.

They (inmates) chose their life of crime, not the hard-earned Randolph County taxpayers who are keeping them up, with three hot meals a day, central heat, central air and free medical. They have it a lot better than a lot of citizens I know that live in this county. The police could care less for them, but no, we’re supposed to waste more money updating the jail we built 15 years ago that was supposed to be top of the line. I can’t help they had poor planning. That’s on their part, wasting, again, more taxpayers’ dollars.