Traffic was delayed about an hour

A man and a woman were taken to the hospital and traffic was backed up for about an hour after a crash Thursday evening at the intersection of U.S.70 and Carolina Pines Boulevard west of Havelock.

According to Chief Larry Curtis, of the Township Six Volunteer Fire Department, the crash happened at 5:38 p.m. in the westbound lanes of U.S. 70.

A blue Ford Mustang convertible collided with a white Toyota SUV, he said. The driver of the Mustang, a man, suffered a severe cut and was transported to CarolinaEast Medical Center in New Bern, and a woman passenger of that vehicle rode along.

The impact caused the Mustang, a convertible, to be tossed into a ditch on the westbound side of the highway.

“The man who was driving had a pretty bad cut. The whole front end on that one was tore off it,” said Curtis. “The front of the Mustang’s gone. In fact, it knocked it off and it ran over it too.”

Firefighters had to assist the man in getting out of the Mustang.

“The blue vehicle had the doors that couldn’t come open because of the way that it was situated in the ditch,” said Curtis. “They had to go through and get him out of the vehicle itself, assist him out. No heavy equipment used. There was a lot of manpower force on the doors on that one. They weren’t locked together. It was that the ditch prevented us from being able to do a whole lot. We did get him out and put him on the stretcher and brought him back to the ambulance.”

Neither of the vehicles overturned.

“Everything was still straight up. It took a heck of collision on it,” said Curtis.

The woman driver of the SUV declined to be transported despite a swollen ankle, Curtis said.

“All the airbags in the white SUV had deployed, front and back and everything,” he said. “In fact, they had to cut through one of the airbags to get her out.”

Havelock Fire and Rescue responded with the ambulance that transported the occupants of the Mustang to the hospital. Curtis said 10 members of Township Six responded to the crash.

The crash closed the westbound lanes of the highway for almost an hour. Drivers were rerouted along the service road in front of Miller Saws and Croatan Baptist Church. Traffic backed up for about a mile.

The N.C. Highway Patrol is investigating. A report on the crash, including the names of those involved, was not immediately available.