Woman was robbed of $40

Police are investigating an armed robbery that occurred at the Quality Inn Sunday night in Havelock.

Officers were called to the hotel at 400 U.S. 70 West at 7:30 p.m. Sunday.

“The caller stated that a black male robbed a female occupant of one of the rooms at gunpoint and then left in a light blue smaller vehicle,” said Havelock Police Chief David Magnusson.

“She was talking to somebody downstairs. She thought that she knew the guy. They were talking. After a few minutes of talking, apparently he pulled a gun. He forced her into a bathroom. When she came out she found him rifling through some of her stuff and when she began to get a little more vocal, he pointed a gun at her and threatened her.”

The gunman fled the room and got into a light blue small 4-door car, Magnusson said. The man then pointed the gun, but the magazine, which was from a pellet gun, fell out.

“At this point we are looking at it as an armed robbery and threats with a gun,” said Magnusson.

About $40 was taken from the woman, he said. No arrest has been made.

“We’ll see where this goes, but right now we are treating it as an armed robbery,” said Magnusson. “There are still a number of pieces that we need to put together for this in whole incident.”