Showtime made a tour stop in Havelock Saturday evening.

Showtime made a tour stop in Havelock Saturday evening.

Streetballer Randy “White Chocolate” Gill brought his team to Havelock Middle School for a back-to-school basketball shootout all-star game and skills clinic.

“This event is to give back to the kids and the youth in the community and show them some support,” Gill said. “We want to show them some good basketball.”

The team, based in Maryland, took the court against a squad loaded with Craven-County talent, led by New Bern native and former Wake Forest standout Antwan “8th Wonder” Scott.

“We are just going to have some fun. The whole thing is about having fun,” Scott said. “It’s something I’ve done in the past. We are going out to entertain.”

Fans were treated to skilled dribbling exhibitions, high-flying slam dunks and fancy ball movement.

Myron “Airborne” Howe specializes in spectacular jams.

“We are having a good time, putting on a good performance for the crowd,” Howe said. “This game, we have a little more tricks and a little more fun, and more dunking.”

Other Streetball stars included Roscoe “Dunkin” Johnson and former Chowan basketball player Phoenix Butler-Poole.

Poole likes to pull up and drain buckets.

“It’s fun and a lot of excitement, not just for the crowd, but for me as well,” Poole said. “I shoot the ball. I’m a sharp-shooter.”

The game was played with a commentator, a D.J. and some loud music.

“We are playing it competitive and they are seeing things they don’t normally see, like Harlem Globetrotter stuff or the And1 Mixtape stuff, crazy ball-handling and people high-flying,” Gill said.

Prior to the game, a skills clinic was held at the Havelock Recreation Center.

Adam Thompson is the sports editor of the Sun Journal.