Remember the photo shoot of President Obama at the border, declaring it secure?

Remember the photo shoot of President Obama at the border, declaring it secure? In fact, he made remarks stating the GOP wanted moats and alligators. Well, it seems the border actually needs moats and alligators to prevent the thousands of children crossing with no problems. 

Apparently the media of Central America has been publicizing that now is the time to enter the USA, especially if you are a minor. (Whatever would give them an idea like that?) How these children made the over 1,000-mile trek through Mexico is unclear, but certainly the Mexican government is looking the other way. Human trafficking of children is one of many illegal ways criminals in Central America hurt their fellow countrymen.

Because of lack of facilities, many of these children are being housed in various military bases, and of course, are being cared for by the American taxpayer. As a compassionate nation, no one wants to see these children abused, but what of the parents who sent these children under questionable conditions to be cared for by strangers? Do people think we have a bottomless pit of money to provide for every poor or underprivileged individual in the world?

The unintended consequence of such irresponsible behavior hurts poor people the most. Every country has limited resources, and ours are stretched thin. Hospitals and schools close when they cannot be economically viable. Many have seen their jobs jeopardized by illegals who work cheaper, and much of this money leaves the country. Apparently we are unable or unwilling to take care of our veterans, but resources are now being used to care for innocents who have been foisted upon our country.

The unpleasant truth is when people enter illegally, they often bring unwanted baggage like disease and criminal behavior with them. Obviously the federal government is failing to protect American citizens by making our borders secure.

Lillian Creger

New Bern