The Tucker Creek Middle School girls soccer team didn’t just play a perfect game.

The Tucker Creek Middle School girls soccer team didn’t just play a perfect game. They played a perfect season.

The Mustangs defeated Grover C. Fields 5-0 last week to win the Coastal Middle School Conference championship. Beyond that, the win secured Tucker Creek’s 10-0 season, a season in which the Mustangs didn’t allow a single goal. In all, Tucker Creek outscored its opponents 65-0 on the season.

“It was a pretty easy year,” Tucker Creek coach Trina Pruitt said. “I’ve got a good group of girls.”

Pruitt said the Mustangs played well on defense.

“I had a really strong defense,” she said. “We really didn’t have a lot of shots taken on us. Our defense was just really strong.”

But, she said the offense had a lot to do with the season-long shutout as well.

“Our team possessed the ball a lot better than the other teams,” she said, saying opponets couldn’t score because they didn’t have the ball. “We controlled about 90 percent of every game. I think it’s one of the best passing teams I’ve ever had.”

Pruitt said once the Mustangs got through the fourth game without giving up a goal, the scoreless streak became a focus and kept the players motivated.

“When we had seen every school, that became their goal,” Pruitt said. “They were pretty confident in the fact that they weren’t going to be beaten, but that became their goal, to not give up a goal.

“Some of the goal keepers became hesitant about going into the game because they didn’t want to be that person to give up a goal.”

Pruitt said she had a sense before the season started that it could become special.

“I had known for a while that when this group came up that they would be good,” Pruitt said. “We were combining three classic level teams. We had girls from JASA (Jacksonville), we had girls from Havelock and we had girls from New Bern, and when you put them all together, it worked.”

Pruitt said the one thing that stood out about the players was their unselfish play.

“In every game, we had multiple girls score,” she said. “Not one girl would do everything. We had one game where we scored nine goals and I had eight different people score.

“We had some girls who had never played soccer, and some of the others who were more seasoned at it really worked to get those girls goals. Some of my hardest workers scored the fewest amount of goals.”

Pruitt said five of the players will be back for next season.

“We’re looking forward to another good year next year,” she said.

Team members and managers include: MacKenzie Pruitt, Morgan James, Kamie Mays, Janae Rooks, Briannah Pereira, MyKenzie Caudill, Lilly DeLucca, Kristy Campbell, Allison Jeffries, Alana Aquino, Destiny Fordyce, Emily Youmans, Brianne Gares, Rhiannon Colantoni, Madison Wheeler, Alyssa Keatts, Courtney Bellm, Malina Mao, Summer Ramirez, and D’Angelo Watson.