In 31 years of the Havelock Chili Festival, weíve come to learn a few things.

In 31 years of the Havelock Chili Festival, weíve come to learn a few things.

Itís not all about the chili, though that is certainly good.

And, itís not all about the chicken wings, which are also very good.

Itís not even about all the entertainment and activities that go on during the course of the two-day event.

The Havelock Chili Festival is about us, the people who make up this community. The festival provides us a chance to enjoy our fellowship and provides us an opportunity to celebrate who we are.

Sure, the city loves to welcome visitors and show them all the great things we have to offer. Certainly the festival has done its share of bringing in guests to Havelock.

But our biggest asset isnít that we offer great chili, wings and entertainment. Our biggest asset is our people, and the festival allows us to show that off.

The cooks, vendors, business people and festival volunteers greeted everyone with smiles. The festival featured reunions of old friends and family, and allowed neighbors to enjoy activities together.

Families had a fun time together away from all the stresses of work, school and the chores of everyday life.

And the weather could not have been any more perfect ó with a cool evening for the wings on Friday night and bright, sunny skies with pleasant temperatures for chili on Saturday.

It was Chamber of Commerce type weather, appropriate considering the work of the Havelock Chili Festival Committee and the Havelock Chamber of Commerce, which organize the event. Volunteers worked many hours to make the festival a success, and they have our appreciation. We canít wait until next year.